How we design and make your jewelry




We gain a mutual understanding of the design goals, how it should look, and how the piece should make you feel when it is complete. Sometimes we start with a hand drawing and sometimes a CAD (Computer Aided Design) rendering depending on the visual complexity.

CAD - Computer Aided Design

The design is replicated in our CAD system to create a 3D model precise down to the finest detail. When the CAD is ready, an email will arrive in your inbox with a realistic rendering of the design, so you can see how it will look when it is finished. If you're still happy with the design, it's off to casting.


The design takes solid form as we cast the wax model into gold, platinum or silver. We use a vacuum casting lost wax process to inject molten metal into the model that fills every detail perfectly and becomes solid metal as it cools.

Stone Setting / Final Polish

We set stones by hand with a pneumatic graver tool to gently set gemstones into their final resting place. With the gemstones set, we do a final polish with the finest grit.  When we're done, the metal is as shiny and reflective as a mirror!


It's another masterpiece!  Now we are off to photography to get a picture for our records and a sure spot in next weeks Daily Astorian Coast Weekend ad. We can't print them all, but we sure try.

Now we call you to let you know it is ready at last.  We can ship it to you, or if you live nearby, come in and pick it up.